Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Natural-causes making waves around the globe

Cape Town has done it again.

The record, previously held by Brazil, for getting the most surfers on one wave at the same time has been broken. The 4th October shined bright for the people of Cape Town, where over 400 surfers came together in the attempt to break the 2007 record for Earthwave.

This Green global event is geared to promote the awareness for sustainable living; it’s for the people, by the people. And the guy behind it all is Dene Botha, who, despite his local celeb status (like, er, winning a few major modeling comps.), is really just one of the guys. He is managing to do what he loves every single day, and is inspiring us to do the same.

In an epic saturation of nature, a colourful human wall began to move, building momentum and breaking the 100 people record, bringing it to 104. Small and big, tall and short, young and old… and all that lies in-between, Cape Town rocked it, as we did in 2006.

With a slight off-shore breeze waltzing in-between the crowd and the fractured sun, the day captured the essence of surfing, expressing it in an aesthetic flurry of boards and bodies.

The vibe was a fluid combination of youth-like enthusiasm and uncanny camaraderie. The crowd resonated with an energy that personified Summer, turning Muizenberg into a stadium and the ocean the stage.

Check out www.kahunasurf.co.za and www.wavescape.co.za to get your head around the ins and out of what Earthwave is all about.

Living in a time of gross excess and a Culture of Mass, Earthwave is really all about paying humble respect to the Earth, and all its glory.

Peace, love and respect.

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