Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Skirting stereotypes, embracing the music.

Engrained in the soul of Rock ‘n Roll is the power of passion, passion for life in a world where music is one’s life. The universe spins around vectors of frequency, as tempos alternate and sound resonates, bouncing off the buildings and the faces of the subcultures that roam our streets. Chasing dreams and showing us we can catch them is a band that that needs no introduction; The Dirty Skirts.

The Skirts capture the raw, pure sound of the 90s and have infused it with technical manipulation and present it with an electrifying stage presence. The Dirty Skirts is “Jeremy de Tolly on lead vocals, guitar and synths, David Moffatt on guitar and vocals, Markie De Menezes on drums and vocals, and Passion Paliaga on bass and vocals.”

It’s 11am and it’s time to catch up with Jeremy. I’ve been awake since 6 and Jeremy, just arrived in JHB, has been up since 4 30. His telephone demeanor paints a different picture however. He sounds acute, enigmatic and humble. His candid wit and humble enthusiasm puts me at ease immediately. It’s as if I have just phoned a mate to talk about a gig we got terribly drunk at on the weekend.

Conversation flows with ease, and the long distance ambience is one of mutual respect. There is no ‘head in the clouds’ type of hedonism that one might expect from a band with such a rising celeb status. It’s refreshing and intriguing.

How do you ‘keep it real?’
“Experience has played a large role. We realize there’s a distinct parallel that exists when you enter this industry and really embrace it. I mean just look at Coldplay. With success comes criticism.”

How did you guys meet?
“Well, I met Dave at a braai in 2004 and it just all started to roll from there.”

Always finding moments of rare honesty in the small details, I enquire about the food they ate that day. Indulgence of beetroot salad gave way to conversations on speed, enthusiasm about future projects. And the enthusiasm keeps building.

In 2010 the frequencies will be maxed, tweaked and remaining as dirty as ever. “Our sound has evolved and at the moment we are a cocoon continuously metamorphosing”.

They have remained fresh by employing this attitude of curiosity; their inquisitive sound embraces avenues that have yet to be explored. “It all comes down to loving what you do. Without this passion success, in whatever form, will never flow”.

2010 is going to be a year of surprises, for them and us. The expression you see on your younger sibling who opens a brand new box of crayons. There is a feeling of stimulation on the horizon, and it’s a feeling that we are all a part of.

What has been the most significant learning curve since your inception?
“Well, it’s all learning curve. Each day there is something new to learn. We’re in the woods, howling at the moon”

Shooting stars, howling at the moon and hitting the high notes, Jeremy and the rest of the band approach the elements assigned to Indi-Electro-Rock with an open mind. The wind is blowing for the Dirty Skirts, and with their new album coming out and festivals lined up, there will be plenty of love being spread. Love and music. This is life. That’s all we really need, and now we have four people who are giving it to us.

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