Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AM Stereo - [ F(uck) M(ainstream) ]

AM Stereo is Mark Ackermann and Steffan Olivier. They are Cape Town based electro
Producers and are currently in the process of writing Jack Parow’s
(Pastiche type Afrikaans Rapper's) second album.

This interview was conducted under much debauchery. It was scribbled in green highlighter on torn out lined paper and left on Steffan's decks amongst naughty left overs scattered all over, and with loud backround
beats disrupting any attempts to concentrate on writing legit questions.

However, Monday 8am it was surprisingly returned, all typed up and grammatically correct. As far as I could tell. I was still feeling the effects of Friday night. Clearly they were not, or, they had just
carried on through to Monday and felt better than ever. Hmm. Maybe 'm in the wrong profession. As of Tuesday though I think I'm in the right one. Some of you might know what I mean. ooo.

Anyway, this punctuality is just one example of AM Stereo's uncanny, bizarre and wonderfully surprising acts of commitment they employ in any endeavor they take on.

So, here goes: green highlighted silliness turned into typed sentences for all you inter-web kids to read. Enjoy.

1)Make a sentence from these words:
Cape Town
Hello fat friends

2) Favorite tunes:

Jack Parow – Cooler as ekke

3) You played at RAMFEST – Give 5 words that come to mind:

Camping, drinking, laughing, screaming, awesome.

4) Crystal Castles – What crystal would you keep in your castle(if you had one)?

Not Meth.

5) Finish these sentences:

Cape Town is… right next to Bellville.
I fucking love… free drinks.
I fucking hate… paying for drinks.
Cool is… debatable.

6) What do you do?

At the moment we’re writing beats for Jack Parow’s 2nd album.

7) Who are you?

AM MOTHERFUCKING stereo! Otherwise known as am STEREO.

8) Tell me something you’ve never told anyone before:

We have partial invisibility powers.

9) Trainers – which ones?


10) Music – What is it to you?

A cigarette after sex.

11) What makes Cape Town the mother city?

Breakfast at Arnold’s at 5pm.

12) Your best moment of tonight?

Realizing I have a jumping castle in my flat and I don’t know half the people on it.

13) Do you sleep naked?

Depends on where we were the night before.

Who’s the coolest person you know?

Riaan Cruywagen

Check these guys out yo. They on the up and up, round the bend, off the wall, a little bit crazy and totally cool. Whatever that means. Behind the scenes but not for long. Big up to you both, Steffan and
Mark. You rock every party I go to, and I can't wait to hear your new

Oh and kids out there, Adriaan Louw is a an insane photographer - so thanks Adriaan, and thanks Mark and Steffan for all the effort.

Peace out. Till next time.

Sarah Claire.