Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Macabre Interludes with Mary-Jane

My friend, my collaborator, my partner-in-crime, my inspiration; Miss Mary-Jane is a muse who plays happy-hearted trickery with those around her.

Her bright eyes shine cross-hatched with mischievous secrets; one’s she unravels onto canvas with humble tenacity and conceptual valor.

She personifies the feel-good vibe of a Friday afternoon and the energy you feel when blasting Crystal Castles from your car with the windows down.

Hey dark thoughts and even more twisted dreams take on aesthetic form with her various tools, transforming into visual vignettes as hauntingly macabre as they are comical and quirky.

Here’s a slice of Mary and her world…

Tell me about that mish mash of an exhibition you put on a while back….

Mish mash that it was. The idea came over a late night and exhibition came three days later. Pooled together resources between myself and Jene Rene, from advertising to liquor license, from sound equipment and DJs to venue, and of course art and fashion. Took place about 3 years ago, it was an unconventional exhibition but an exhibition in each detail.

Any uncontrollable urges?

Juicy question you ask.... the obvious to draw paint and create, the not so obvious may be a tad inappropriate.

Background vibes & Childhood memories….what can you recall?

I recall my brother telling me that i had a penis but i had broken it of whilst playing with it... i recall having a string of minks tails i took everywhere and called "my precious little dead ones"... and i recall drawing on every surface i could get to, on walls, behind curtains, underneath tables, where ever i could get away with.

What is art to you?

Art to me is an expression of the mood and mindstate that occupies my subconscious

Who are you?

Mary Jane

Life – give me three words.

What the hell

Art – give me one word.


Tell me something you have never told anyone before.

Really? i prefer swimming in cold water than warm, think it stems from when i was a kid and i knew the other ppl were peeing in the pool

Your little gem " In Insomnia, Entries of an Early Hour Obsession". Is it a late night inspired memoir of some sort? What can we find hidden inside ?

It could be put that way... its a little book of indulgence where i let my emotions loose write in rhyme and draw what appears on the page.

She’s a bit of this and a bit of that, neither here nor there…and In an All or Nothing world, MJs rocking the All.

So Miss Jane, I wanna shout this out loud to you!

“Don't wanna live a life
In a world that's all the same
The crazy little things
That you do are magical
This crazy life
This crazy world
We're living in is

--- Goldfrapp “Fly Me Away”

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