Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Words of Art, for the people, by the people.

In a world that whets to confirmations and calculated speculations, there isn’t much room these days for investing in creative pursuits that have the potential to crumble ‘n fall. Concepts that stand no assurance are, so it seems, fleeting If Onlys.

But, not all the time, and not with everyone. Cape Town’s kids seem to be pushin’ out some insane ideas that shout a loud FUCK YOU to all the commercial prossies whoring themselves off to credit & the masses. Below the line and off the wall, ideas are being oxidized with new direction. Creatives in CT are making The Them question everything The They like to think they know the best.

Such type peeps are our lovely friends from Word of Art – a non profit initiative that is fuelling creative growth in SA. It’s all about challenging, embracing and encouraging change. From agent to curator to manager to the producer, when it comes to art Word of Art is getting in left and right and all around, full of smiles as they turn things upside down. Some of South Africa’s most prolific illustrators and urban artists are now being managed by Word of Art, together forming a creative collaborative that colours in projects with freedom of expression. With Shani Judes and Ricky Lee Gordon the force behind it all, aesthetic vignettes are transforming into resourceful, inventive below the line marketing strategies.

Fuck speedy profitable Good Enoughs, those are just used to get the best for yourself quickly! We all like to bargain, up or down. Bargains mean speedy self-benefitting conclusions. Society invades us with expectations and synonyms of success. We get given graphs of Progress and told Where We Went Wrong, and warned not It again.

Yet it seems that the fear of success surpasses the fear of failure. It’s easier to deal with it than to risk the pseudo-comfort and actually reach that full potential They love to tell us we have. Well, Word of Art is an initiative that is showing no hesitation, not one little speck of mediocre settlement.

Embarking on a Peter Pan philosophy, Word of Art is turning inspiration into ingenuity…ingenuity that arrests mainstream thought and permeates inspiration back into society. Just like Wendy, Word of Art is reminding us how to fly high.

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