Tuesday, February 9, 2010

7ft Amplified.

Where did it all start? Once upon a time, many lifetimes ago in a world ruled by integrity and love is where it all began. Going by the names of Yves Adler and Andrew Winer, 7ft Sound System is a catalyst to such a world. Their music is that which elevates the soul, opens up the mind and moves mountains. It unites and ignites the people.

Breathing, producing and exploring the always evolving avenues of sound, “the whole 7ft vibe first appeared during a during a 7th Son Gig when we used to run a track in between songs that we called The Never Ending dub. If we’re talking official though, Feb 09 is the month it all started going down, or up rather.

7ft’s sound comes in waves of bright nostalgia. I think of memories that do not belong to me. Borrowed memories…of long days under the hot Rio sun, a girl lost in a dream that changes each day. Although a word that is much thrown around, I believe that at the heart of creativity one finds raw passion and a lust to explore it, without hesitation or compromise. Listening to 7ft Sound System I’m acutely aware of the passion, the energy, and the creativity they have given. And I know they’ll keep on giving.

Taking inspiration from dub & reggae, through to hip-hop and electronic, the guys mention names like “Jahtari label in Germany, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Ott and The Nextrum”. With 7ft, collaboration extends beyond people, these guys collaborate with genres and styles too – keeping their work fresh and catching us off guard.

For Yves and Andrew life is a 360 degree collision of “good times and boom times”, and music is spinning with them thought it all. Music becomes a force that is a part of the good times, and helps get you through the bad times.
“We approach every track like a blank page” says Yves. “When the track is taking shape…we usually name it after the underlying feeling that is transmitted or after an event that aided in the tracks creation”.

In each track one discovers melodic contours that express passion as well as an acute grasp of academia of music. 7ft squirt rainbows of innovation, and as producers “are always looking to explore as man possibilities as [their] genres allows”.

Here’s a bit of my chat with Yves …

Any collaborations you have/are looking to been/be involved in?

Besides the featured artists on the album (Zolani , Denver Tunrer, Lithal Li , and Dave Ferguson). We have lots of hopefuls

Any favourite tracks on the album?

It changes on a regular basis, but I think Piped Piper stands out, I think we are more excited about the new tunes we are busy writing.

Music – what does it mean to you?

“What the art of painting cannot clearly suggest, poetry explains in words, but that, which even a poet finds difficult to express in poetry, is expressed in Music.” (The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan)

Plans for 2010?

Working on throwing some parties to build up the Dub scene here a little. And there should be an new EP coming soon. And other then that, well its Get Rich or Die Trying … haha

Why do you love CT?

It’s just Ayoba!

What’s your dream project?

Quest Love on Drums
Bill Laswell on Bass
Ott on Production
Roots Manuva on vocals

What’s next for 7ft Sound System?

I don’t know…..Cosmic realization?

With Groove Armada’s Superstylin’ playing through my speakers and 7ft Sound System weaved through my thoughts I realize that this band will keep harmonizing, keep rising’ and keep amplifying’. With them around, so will we.

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