Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dub Steppin with Cape Town’s beat dropping belle, Funafuji

Girls. All I really want is Girls. So, the Beastie Boys shouted it, and we’re all feeling it. Or her, rather. Meet Safiyya Bryce AKA Funafuji….Cape Town’s little lass whose doing big things. Things that make us sweat and smile. Dropping it like the boys and throwing in some extra cheeky feminine flare, she teases us with her dirty mixes

It started with Dance Hall and Reggae four yrs ago, and after a short interlude dedicated to midnight oil and highlighters, Safiyya is back to juggling a hybrid mix of beats n books. That’s my vibe on her, but she probably says it better…. “I'm a fourth year medical student who also plays bass heavy, phat, wobbley dubstep muuuusak.”

SCP: Being a female in thus male dominated industry – what’s it been like?

SB: It has its pros and cons. Of course people love seeing a girl DJ but they always expect you to be crap so in some ways I think girls have to work harder. Being around guys all the time though makes you forget you’re a girl at times!

SCP: The ideal crowd for you is….?

SB: Sunday morning at an outdoor festival dancing on the remains of their MDMA trip who just want to be massaged by slow, fat, ambient tunes.

SCP: What’s your ALL time favourite track?

SB: “Wanna be” - the spice girls. I really really really wanna zigga zig-ah

SCP: Satirical sister oh how we love style!!! Tell us about Step Up and what’s that shit’s all about?

SB: Step Up is a collective group project that brought the first Dubstep parties to Cape Town. We have nights once a month at Fiction on Long Street.

SCP: And besides you, who else is involved in throwing wobbly dub parties Cape Town way?

SB: The other local residents Binary, Fletcher and Ish, with our ever faithful hype man MC Blotchy Worker Boy.

SCP: What turns you on?

SB: Bass physically turns me on.

SCP: What turns you off?

SB: requests of "music my friends can dance to" Idiots.

SCP: If you could play alongside someone – anyone – who would he/she be?

SB: Sizzla, I think.

SCP: What does music mean to you?

SB: What would the world be with out music?

And for those of you haven’t yet….well it’s time to stop blanking and start livin’ n wubbin’ the realm of Dub. Safiyya’s a girl from Norwich whose energy is shuffling through Cape Town. Where as most of us are freaking and fighting to Get the Fuck Out Of Here, Safiyya’s full of smiles, spreading the love with her beats and humble, beautiful heart.

Oh…one last thing….

SCP: Where is the CT Music industry headed?

SB: Out into the world. It's time the world discovered Cape Town.

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