Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Joy, undivided

Growing up in the sun-drenched Karoo, amongst little cave crawlies and lanky desert birds that can't fly, Chris Slabber sees Cape Town as a place of wonder and surprise. Like a kid in a theme park, everything is a joyride. Aside from the “bergie” (homeless dude with a passion gap that is always drunk and shouting “Jou ma se POES” to his/her fellow bergies) waiting around each of Cape Town’s corner, is a world of opportunity and sensory indulgence. Each day comes wrapped in potential.

The challenge of breaking down long engrained stereotypes is Chris’ creative muse. “I think now is the time for us to make people smile again, because the reality is we are in a bit of a depression. I mean this was the reason for cartoons and comics to come about with The Great Depression – people were sad and needed to laugh, or need a hero or a role model”.

For Chris, art is an aesthetic record of mankind, a documentation of oneself and those around one. “[Art is] a means of personal debate… [art] allows one to enter a state of meditation, which I think just enhances one’s perspective on life and such”. He isn’t a hippie, just honest and self-aware.

Infusing the elements of the city into his work, Chris’s heart is where his home is. South Africa. Chris finds much of his inspiration is locally rooted and considers that the globalization of trends "just enables everyone to draw inspiration from each other, and reinterpret a NEW style with fresh, local flavour'

What’s your style? What medium do you prefer working in? Why?

"I’d say Surrealism is my biggest trademark. I like lots of mediums all thrown together like a bunny chow. I can still hear my art teacher’s voice while explaining the technique of adding texture too your work. And then I usually tie it all together in a digital format in order to take it one step further."


The most insane art you have ever seen would be?

"The Crucifix carved out of hundreds of glued together Bibles at the one Sasol Exhibit – It was intense. – Oh and obviously the famous Butcher Boys by Jane Alexander"

What decorates your room?

"My Mac Book Pro"

What’s the first thing you do after completing something?

"Watch an episode of South Park."

What’s one thing you would like to tell all those ambitious young artists out there?

"Admit when you do crap work."

[Stoned interlude]....Art comes as precious moments that one should respect and not take liberties with, or use to enhance selfish hedonistic ideals. In a world with a fa├žade for praising individuality, it seems there isn’t much room for one to be just Be. No room and no time. It’s all about the future; the “now” always seems to be too behind.

Thank God for creative’s like Mr. Slabber who is giving Cape Town fresh ideas that are not stolen from the past or predicted for the future. ‘Cause the thing is, for all of us everyday heroes the Now is what makes our tomorrow.

What’s next for Chris?

"Maybe my own creative studios/agency in like 7 years, but for now I’d like too that someone special and just hang out."

Peace out

.......Peace out Chris x

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