Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Born to be wild. The many faces of Jean Rene Onyangunga

Meet Jean Rene Onyangunga; a jester on the streets and a kinetic spectacle of colour and sound. He breaks into your world primary coloured and fucking loud. Gallant and off the wall, he was born in Kinshasa, and, yeah, you can take the kid of the jungle but can’t take the jungle out of the kid.

It’s hard to catch him as he hop-scotches through life, hollering fully charged boom-box dialogues. But try to catch him if you can. And if by some chance you do, please tell him to answer his fucking phone.

He’s always around but impossible to get hold of…the guy who probably DOES hang with the 7-whatever-100 facebook friends people seem to have.

The marbles he lost we hope he never finds, ‘cause he’s the kind of person we Love to Love. Sporting an outfit that probably totals to about R40, his mad energy fuels his passions. Aesthetic Passions of colour, texture, style, form and function.

The world of Aesthetics is funked up, mismatched, creased and unfolded by JR.

JR! My Friend. The Devil on my shoulder. Tell us who the hell you are?

I’m JR Onyangunga. I was born in DRC and cultivated in the cities of our beautiful Mzanzi “South Africa”.

What have you discovered in SA?

Here I learned how to walk, talk or even chalk my skills and passion for fashion on a platform of undisclosed creativity.

The many faces of JR…a little elaboration please?

As an artist I have several personas and skills that I have accumulated, which have grown out of me like a Jacaranda tree gone berserk.

NICE. Such as?

Kid Congo, DR Pachanga, Element of Surprise, Chuck Inglish, Jean Ron, ED Hardon, Busta, J Reezy etc.

What does DR Pachanga do?

DR Pachanga is a stylist, hype man, DJ, party photographer. He brings on his game with a little touch of Gonzo tactics with his partner in crime MR Magoo AKA Justin Mcgee AKA Kid Yetty.

I’ve heard he’s also been taken on the title as the Last King of Tibet?

Indeed. When he is out in the east coast town called Durban, he rides his Red Micro bus full of so called models, amped to dress them in ridiculous outfits that one would wear in “Never Land”.

Where has DR Pachanga been showing his face lately?

His latest appearance was spot in the street of Hillbrow, amongst taxi ranks lecturing trend forecasting to the SDO (Sliding door operator). He also was seen on June 16th at the Zoo lake playing a tribute to our famous Max the Gorilla, with his partner in crime taking photo’s of the crowd…telling them how amazing they are, strange and mange.

Let’s talk about your endeavours in the world of Fashion…What’s your style, what’s your aim?

My style is left upon your judgment or interpretation. I enjoy more street fashion and more art played stuff, basically taking the piss of the current trends or just going overboard.

Consisting of…?

Vintage (thrift) clothing that have bombarded my room for the last 3 years which mom thinks they are whack. Due to the fact that I wear her blouses to her sisters dinner party. I have just realised that I bring out a lot of androgyny with a touch of Vivienne W. in my styling.

Your aim/s?

My aim is to join Terry Richardson at the top of his thrown and to demolish the supreme to make new platform for the uprising.

Please take photos of that. JR the DeeeeJay…I’m imaging some crazy nights. Give me clarity please.

You will find me cracking out all those lame vinyl your mom and dad listen to before they thought of having you (sexy 60’s,80’s 90’s). Yeah its deffently played to you at a buy one get one free bar ‘cause its so whack. With Lionel Ritchie bellowing out, you will need that extra drink before you break a limb.

Let’s give thanks….you go first.

Thanks goes to Tina Turner 69 not out, she inspired me to collect all these vinyl. I even named my blow up doll after her.

Right. Thanks JR. You’re a gem.

Hands on and eyes wide open, JR is wonderfully unsettling in his eccentrics. And for those who don’t approve, well, Boo fucking Hoo, JR wouldn’t give a fuck. In fact, PLEASE disapprove. Wrinkle your face and Tsk Tsk away. JR will love it, as will the bystanders. Actually….yeah…no…they probably won’t. Whatever, it doesn’t matter ‘cause he doesn’t give a fuck.

In the loud words of JR and in the quiet words of Virgin Mary “come again”!

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