Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two guys, one city, and a technicolor voyage

In a city where the trendies trend, the skankers skank and the posers pose, there are still a few individuals that are trying not to give a f**k and just do their own thing.

Two such kids are Shaun Gardener and Jason de Villiers, the visual vagabonds behind Fly School Design. Elusively extravagant and humble hearted, they’re keeping it real and keeping it local. Pushing each other, they share a mutual unwillingness to make money for other people.

Indeed, these two illustrators are injecting the city with technicolor concepts.

Fly School Design is an aesthetic initiative that delves, (unpretentiously) into the intricate avenues of design, illustration, topography and multi-media. No room for mediocrity or wasted energy, Shaun and Jason challenge conventional trends, veering recklessness away from all the frivolous bullshit.

They provoke. Smiling as they upset the fragile creative comfort zone around them. With paint dripping from the walls like a Pollock canvass, they’re on a prolific rendezvous to the moon. Whether they land there or not is irrelevant. In an industry that’s all “smoke and mirrors”, clarity is found in an unruly embrace of conceptual challenges.

Space Cowboys riding their glorious 20’s, they are not yet jaded by illusion of Cool, closing their eyes only to apathy and dispensable ideas.Check out their insane designs at and get a very real idea of how Cape Town has turned local global.

Until next week.

Peace, love and sunny-vibes from Cape Town.

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