Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coming from Cape Town....It Comes from the Jungle

Shredded breakbeats and heavy sub-bass lines dominate Thursdays in Cape Town, a day that promises a night of dirty physical, visual and audio disobedience. Indeed, it’s the night of It Came From The Jungle; an event of Liquid DnB and united abandon.

And just like the beats that bounce off the walls of Fiction, the place where it all goes down, It Came From the Jungle comes from humble beginnings back in 2006.

All dreads and teeethy-smiles, the driven, wonderfully bizarre guy behind this explosive initiative is Mark Stevens AKA Niskerone. Starting out in 2004, Niskerene has been obscuring our minds with his innovative approach to DnB, keeping The Underground alive from his elevated spot in Fiction.

The night is a frenzied mix of sounds. “From reggae to funk, to metal to electro, techno and house, to hip hop…there's pretty much a style of Drum & Bass to suit everyone’s taste”.

It’s more like an approach. An electric approach to audio experimentation.

High energy Jump-Up DnB resonates around the club, but, just like the genre itself as a mish mash of elements, the night transforms and gets heavier later on.

The junglists march in the bar and the bathrooms…but the dance floor offers space where you can become pretensions and no demands.

All in a noisy campaign to keep pushing the local dNb scene, these guys are some of the one’s we need to say thanks to… Niskerone, SFR & Hyphen, Rude One, Counterstrike, The MFU, Danja and Ant-Alias

…Syncopating beats and letting the good times roll…It Came From The Jungle. Amen.

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