Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The Cyberpunkers have remixed it, and many people are still asking it... Who the f*** is Haezer? Whoever he is, the point is rather what he's been doing, not only to us locals but to the kids abroad as well. His message is hard, dirty and only going to get louder. Only recently back from touring Europe, Haezer is off to tour Australia to show them exactly who the f*** he is. Still trying to figure this question out for myself, I caught up with him just before he left. Check it out.

SCP: So Haezer….Who the f*** are you?
H: A Boerseun who makes music and likes to party

SCP: What do you do?
H: I press buttons and then people dance.

SCP: Where in Australia will you be touring and with who?
H: I'm touring Sydney, Wollongong, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra with GTRONIC.

SCP: Without using the word ‘electro’, please describe your sound?
H: dirty/gangsta/thrash/rock 'n roll

SCP: If you had to link one image/association/song/artwork/word/colour to yourself – what would it be?
H: I’ve always loved The Misfits’ logo.

SCP: Musically – what artist/collaborations inspire/influence you?
H: I grew up with beck, violent femmes and offspring. I then got more into punk and from there expanded into electronica/breaks/drum 'n bass and electro.
Now I generally listen to all genres, as long as it's good.

SCP: The first record/CD you ever bought?
H: Monster Hits 2

SCP: Current favourite artist/track?
H: Waterboys – ‘We Will Not Be Lovers’

SCP: Your European tour in 2010 – any crazy antics that went down that you could share?
H: A lot. In Warsaw, Poland the gig got cancelled because their sound system flipped out, so the promoter said he'll take us out and get us drunk... I don't think there was a corner of Warsaw where I didn't puke in by the end.

SCP: Your favourite moment of the tour?
H: Just seeing kids loving the music, and at one stage singing with to 'Smut Me'.

SCP: What can we expect from you when you get back from Australia?
H: I’ve got my EP with Tuffem Up! records, but also eight remixes I’ve done for various labels and two more
record deals in the works.

SCP: If you could play alongside any DJ for a night, who would you choose?
H: I would dig to play with SebastiAn.

SCP: Music - give me one word that you relate this to?

H: Life.

SCP: What elements make a killer track?
H: Good songwriting...if the composition is kak, no matter how good the production is, it'll never have a long lifespan. That’s why I like to use vocals in my tracks.

SCP: What’s been your best party so far this year?
H: I can honestly say that ALL the Assembly gigs are just so much fun.

SCP: What’s next for Haezer?
H: More touring and hopefully good memories and more EPs... no full album in the works just yet.

Thanks Haezer... can't wait till you are back on home ground! And also thanks to Adriaan Louw for providing the awesome photo.

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