Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello M F Nasty - A Cape Town Illustrator

Hello Mother F*&king Nasty is Shaun Gardner, a Cape Town illustrator who’s making a new name for himself with his unique employment of all things creative. When trying to dig deeper, in search of some report-style info, Hello MF Nasty was cryptic in his answers, leaving me with more questions than I intended to ask. It’s refreshing not to be verbally abused with philosophical arty explanations that always leave me with too much to write about, yet nothing real to share. And without much elaboration on the ‘what’s and why’s’ I had written down, it really comes down to self interpretation with Hello MF Nasty’s art work. Art is subjective, and it’s empowering to be given the liberty to make up one’s own mind whether there is some bigger meaning, or if things really are sometimes as they seem.
Hello MF Nasty’s eccentric style is a reflection of his multitude of influences. Mixing together, mashing up, juxtaposing ideas and mediums – technology meets tradition in his nasty style, where layers of innovation are cut out, drawn over and mixed in with an infusion of clean vectors. Postmodern elements are prevalent in his designs, specifically through his use of intertextuality and pastiche in style.
There are no absolutes in any of Hello MF Nasty’s work. Each work is as surprising and nasty as the one before. It’s as if each new design gives a little bit more of himself to the viewer – another piece to the human puzzle that is Hello MF Nasty. He leaves us hungry for more, not quite knowing what we’re even craving for. And he has earned respect with the levels of integrity and passion he shows in his art work.
Hello MF Nasty has been involved in various collaborations, with no intentions but to help out another like-minded creative, gaining experience and building a sick portfolio along the way. Some of his bigger projects have included all design work for rising rock/indie Cape Town band The Curious Incident, designing their album cover & amp; booklet, event posters and tees.
In terms of band collaborations, Hello Nasty is currently involved in design projects for new Cape Town band Jam Jar (, who describe themselves as “a spasm of electronic, a shiver of dirty, filthy, salt up your nose kinda bass”. Jam Jar is a glitch-rap duo: Soundproof and Bakaman, and they’re here to “tear your eardrums asunder with a cache of tracks ranging from dub step to glitch-hop, and all the other beat-stops in-between”.
Hello MF has also been involved with SCARAB Industry & Design, The Sunday Times and Calyx Art ( His latest exhibition has been with Calyx Art at Royale Eatery on Cape Town’s infamous Long Street. The exhibition is titled Ignore This, and Hello MF Nasty’s 'Kill Cool', 'The End' and 'When I’m Fill' are showcased. His artworks are a true expression of all his inspirations; Dash Snow, The Beastie Boys, E boy, Further, Swank, old skool horror posters, vintage adverts, B grade films and all that nasty behaviour that makes up the elements of the underground.
He is also involved in Fuhrer – a t-shirt design brand – along with Jason De Villiers and Sean Meterlerkamp. Together the trio are bringing back the essence of novelty to Tee design – keeping people on edge and causing a bit of trouble along the way… There are no niceties with Hello Mother F*&king Nasty, just pure creative nasty rendezvous.
Check out his FlickR – iamHelloNasty
Later punks.

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