Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A real city, full of real artists.

Word limits suck.Anyway, here we are, hope u like it for a Monday read!

Modernism. Poster modernism. What does it all really mean? It’s a label that gives us security through categorization, a safe, definable understand of the world of art. But the artists in JHB and fervently destroying the Ism. And it’s an infectious destruction, indeed. It’s about liberation and aesthetic exploration.

Meet Wilhelm Saayman, a sprawler who is turned on by blank paper and associates the colour black with eyes. His candid drawings capture the beauty of honesty in imperfection, his intimate illustrations an aesthetic manifestation of artistic freedom. With an unruly and macabre approach to humour, his rough and unschooled drawings expose human fragility, and urge us to explore and challenge our position in life. And for all those curators out there, please stop calling his work Quirky. Thanks.

Performance, video and an installation artist. A button-pusher and social seam ripper, Johan Thom www.johanthom.com relentlessly challenges society’s perpetuated ideologies. “Merciless in taking things apart”, he discovers the ingenuity and complexity in ordinary objects. His life insight is so poignant it’s uncanny. Johan’s a realist that has got me day-dreaming. He should write a book, and you should buy it.

If one were to give positive and creative energy a name and face, Nicholas Nesbitt AKA Kidu www.kidu.co.za would be it. Born and bred on the wrong side of Sandton, he’s an artist that cannot be categorized. An illustrator, designer, flash animator and a music man, he’s also the guy who gave the name to Team Uncool www.teamuncool.co.za. For Kidi, art cannot be categorized. He reminds us to embrace life with vigour and a smile. A collaborator who hopes to one day make comic books, he’s partners in crime with M18 www.m18j92t.blogspot.com, Johdel www.johdel.blogspot.com, Cling www.clington.blogspot.com, Chris Saunders www.imagination.co.za and Miss Chinxxx. Whilst Kidu is inspired by brave people, gansta movies and Damen Oben, he’s the guy who’ll inspire you.

We’re witnessing profound creative courage, our elusive city-vagabonds composing a plethora of colours, textures, forms and styles for the world to witness. Fuck the Ism, and all its artistic pre-requisites. Throw away that image of the tragic artist; these Jozi boys ambitiously challenge all that was, constantly exploring all that can be.

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