Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Happy Place for all things creative!

Longer days, sun-kissed skin and cold beers, Summer is a feeling. And like the Calling all Creative’s exhibitions, it’s a feeling that keeps building momentum.

September saw the arrival of the 4th Calling All Creative’s exhibition, a concept given life back in June this year. CAC’s is for the people, by the people. Serena Julia Boon, the happy creative who founded the exhibitions, is also the Creative Director of A Happy Place Creation http://www.ahappyplacecreation.co.za The CAC’s initiative was formed on the basis that she felt a need to express her own creative flair and push those who needed a little leverage.

An art director, graphic designer and illustrator at heart, Miss Boon is not only showcasing local art, but really showcasing Cape Town – for all its beauty and magic, its talent and potential.

She is a muse that inspires, drives and brings out the best in creativity from those around her.

A Happy Place Creation is a creative hub, so as a part of the CAC shows, Serena is hard at work bringing new elements into the studio. From new concept shoots, to carbon footprint free shows, the aim is to bring together creative people from near and far.

“I want to push this upwards, to grow and hopefully get A Happy Place Creation a spot on the creative global map.” I think it’s already there.

In the last three months, Serena has transformed her studio into a visual realm of contrasts and a kaleidoscope of ingenious expression. From captivating photographic prints, graphic art, fashion & jewellery, to hand drawn vintage Tees, illustrations, sculptures and paintings…the walls are a composition of artistic fervour.

In between exhibitions, Serena is keeping her bright eyes on unique individuals that are seriously pushing boundaries with their work, and this is a space where these driven artists can get some extra exposure. One such individual is Ben Skye AKA Mr Chocolate Cake. Who is he? Well, he’s an ambitious creative deviant on a constant voyage of innovation. He’s also the director of Chocolate Cake Productions http://chocolatecakeproductions.com a cutting edge creative agency specializing in new media. Film, fashion photography, design, and motion graphics, you can’t help but transform into an aesthetic voyeur. Check what he’s up to - http://www.myspace.com/chocolatecakeproductions.

Calling all Creative’s resonates with positive enthusiasm at the endless possibilities of creative endeavours. It provides a platform for artists who need that much-needed exposure, and a catalyst to being able to turn a passion into a profession.
Ultimately it’s about allowing for aesthetic liberation to continue to flourish in Cape Town, not letting our artistic vagabonds be swallowed by The Dude. It’s a cut-throat industry, we know this.

She says it best herself. “It is amazing how much talent we have in this city, let alone this country. So to be able to track down just a bit of it and show it off for these amazing people is a most wondrous feeling.”

Stay Happy. Stay Inspired.

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