Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Always should be someone you really love...

I’m paying tribute to life's distractions today. More specifically to lovin’ these little distractions. And living love. Bra Boys just ended. “ooo ooo my friends, I’m glad I turned out like that”.

I’m feeling all warm-like…red red wine and a little hash rolled with love. Simplicity. Sweet fucking simplicity. I’m lost in my cold coffee, smoking a Marlboro, distracted but happy.

This is a report about a boy. And a girl. And summer in Cape Town, and new years on a roll. It’s about eating blueberry nerds and getting messy on school nights. It’s about laughter, inspiration and popcorn. Like life, I guess it’s about everything, and nothing, all at the same time.

Fuck being Emo, everyone here is digging being happy. And being Cool with being happy. Perhaps it’s the endless summer that’s got the whole of Cape Town caught in a spell, but for once I am a part of it.

Things I HEART about CT:

R5 taxis
The Atlantic Ocean
Drunk bergies shouting “Jou mas se POES” on the street
That the mountains meet the ocean
A whole city of people happy to be in South Africa. (Fuck those of you who aren’t!)
The Rock
XXX lifestyles
Foreign-people getting lost
Taxi drivers recognizing you as a local and charging the tourists double
Getting tourists to buy us drinks
Being a girl
Finding a boy
The Endless Summer
Mooks and all the other street stores
Black Label drafts at Rafikis
A joint effort to push Keeping it Local

My bro always told me you got to go through the shitty times to appreciate the good ones. Life keeps reminding me of its inherent inconsistency. Time fades, space becomes earth and dreams become smiles. Humanity. Pleasure. Eye contact. And glorified mornings for two.

“Such boundless pleasure…leave no time for later” (Frou Frou) No more waiting, it’s time for livin’ and lovin’ and, yes, everything that comes with that.

This is a report about love in Cape Town. And it’s about a boy with the “eyes of the bluest skies” and a girl chasing butterflies.

Peace. Love. Sunshine.
Sarah Claire

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